Danske Bank bids to cut bureaucracy for IT staffers

Danske Bank bids to cut bureaucracy for IT staffers

Danske Bank is cutting 63 jobs as part of a restructuring effort designed to reduce bureaucracy for thousands of IT and business development employees.

The bank says that 700 employees are now moving to what it calls a more efficient and less hierarchical way of working that will result in "less bureaucracy and more flexibility".

Eventually, 5000 technology and business development staffers will move to the new system, dubbed Better Ways of Working.

People will be organised in cross-functional teams and will get the mandate to decide on how to develop the best solutions for Danske Bank’s customers.

The move will see 156 coordinating positions disappear. Most affected employees have been found new roles but 63 will lose their jobs.

Lars Alstrup, lead of the Better Ways of Working initiative says it is designed to "enable us to provide better digital customer experiences and to react faster to our customers’ wishes and needs that are constantly changing".

Last week, the bank launched a project to capitalise on the positive aspects of home working as it prepares for a post-Corona workplace. Employees will get the option to work from home one or two days a week, while all internal meetings will be available through Skype.

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