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SteelEye offers free trial of remote surveillance tech

SteelEye offers free trial of remote surveillance tech

Compliance outfit SteelEye is offering financial institutions a free 90-day trial of surveiilance tech capable of monitoring staff communications as they shift in and out of the office during the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Capturing compliance data from staff working remotely has been a key regulatory challenge for financial firms, which is only set to get more complicated as social distancing rules are dismantled and employees flit between central office space and the home environment.

To help address the changes in compliance processes, SteelEye’s Communications Surveillance service is being offered for up to 90 days and 50 monitored users, at no charge and with no obligation for future use. It includes monitoring MS Exchange email and Bloomberg chat, and can be seamlessly integrated to capture communications from staff working remotely.

The firm says the cloud-based platform can complete onboarding of staff within 24 hours.

“With workforces dispersed across various locations it is increasingly difficult, yet more important than ever, to monitor employee communications,” says Matt Smith, CEO of SteelEye. “In order to support financial compliance teams and to help demonstrate how our solutions enable remote workers to execute their roles whilst protecting their firms, we are providing them with the opportunity to use our surveillance service free of charge.”

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