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Bunq CEO: Covid-19 no threat to appetite for sustainability

Bunq CEO: Covid-19 no threat to appetite for sustainability

Continuing pressure caused by Covid-19 has not put a dampener on bunq’s green-minded users, as 81% of the Dutch challenger's online community have pushed for a 'SuperGreen' commitment to plant trees for every EUR100 spent with any bunq card.

Founder and CEO, Ali Niknam says that because of ongoing community engagement “we've noticed that our users’ wish to build a greener planet hasn’t been impacted. If anything, we’ve noticed a bigger appetite.

“Many bunq users recently indicated they want to plant trees for all card payments…They still want businesses to help them live a green lifestyle, and this hasn’t changed with Covid-19.”

Acting on the community feedback, bunq today announced a SuperGreen subscription where Premium and Business users can upgrade their subscription to plant trees for every card payment made. Users will also be able to track the number of trees they planted in real-time on the bunq app.

Planting a tree for every €100 (£89) spent, the bunq Green Card launched in November last year saw over 100,000 trees planted in its first 4 months. The challenger bank today announces it will extend the initiative across the bunq card offering, with an ambition to plant (at least) 500,000 trees by the end of 2020.

“The success of bunq Green Card has been enormous,” Niknam notes, adding that the trees planted as a success of bunq’s Green Card, represents “a CO2 reduction of 30.8 million kg, the equivalent of 32,560 flights from Paris to New York.”

Bunq argues that partaking in this payment initiative will enable users to become CO2 free in under 2 years. The trees planted by bunq in partnership with Eden Reforestation capture 308kg of CO2 over their lifetime, meaning users will offset their yearly carbon footprint.

Bunq is currently available in 30 European markets.

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