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Amazon working to connect credit card information to your hand

Amazon working to connect credit card information to your hand

Amazon is attempting to turn your hand into a credit card, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company plans to enable customers to connect their credit card information to their palms, so they can complete purchases with a tap of their hand rather than their card.

Amazon has filed a patent for a "non-contact biometric identification system", featuring a scanner that produces an image of a person's palm.

Similar technology is already in use in financial services, with biometic authentication provider, iProov, launching a palm verification service in February 2019, allowing customers of banks to verify themselves remotely by hovering their palm over their mobile device.

The WSJ has reported that Amazon is working with Visa on this project, with Mastercard, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo also involved in preliminary discussions

It is likely Amazon will have been addressing potential concerns that are sure to be posed over the ability of terminals to detect fraud, as well as broader questions relating to privacy.

The WSJ reports that data collected from the terminals would be used to study spending habits and stored on Amazon's cloud.

The plans would continue the online giant's attempts to revolutionise the way bricks-and-mortar stores operate.

This comes as Amazon plans to expand its chain of Amazon Go stores across the USA, which allow consumers to shop without cashiers or checkouts.

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