Orange Bank brings Google Pay to all Android users

Orange Bank brings Google Pay to all Android users

Orange Bank is offering Google Pay to all Android-using customers after forging a partnership with German fintech Wirecard.

The French online bank estimates that 200,000 of its 500,000 customers will make use of Google Pay via their Orange Bank account.

"Every Orange Bank customer with a NFC smartphone can now benefit from the advantages of cashless payment," says Stéphane Vallois, Deputy CEO at Orange Bank, "something they greatly appreciate along with checking their balance in real time and sending money by SMS."

Technology partner Wirecard states that 17% of mobile payments in France in 2018 were made using the Orange Bank app.

This collaboration is a continuation of the partnership between Wirecard and Orange Bank which dates back to 2014 and most recently brought mobile payments to Romania.

According to Wirecard's head of digital and telco sales, Philippe Laranjeiro, the two firms are making their "vision of a cashless society a reality", seeing France as the ideal market for this given its high adoption rate in mobile banking.

Formed by the telecommunications company of the same name, Orange Bank launched in France in November 2017, and now has over 500,000 customers, tapping into the mobile-prevalent banking and payments market in the country.

Research by eMarketer finds that mobile access to bank accounts in France stands at around 70%.

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