New fintech envoy appointed for Northern Ireland

New fintech envoy appointed for Northern Ireland

A top executive of a data analytics company has been hired as the UK government's new fintech envoy for Northern Ireland

Andrew Jenkins is a director of Arity where his work focuses on mobile data security and has been appointed by the Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen to lead Northern Ireland's promotion of its growing fintech sector.

He takes over from Georgina O'Leary who was appointed just over a year ago in May 2018.

Jenkins' role will involve bringing together business and civic leaders in an attempt to increase investment in "leading edge" technologies including artificial intelligence, data security and blockchain. 

“Our mandate as part of the UK Fintech strategy is to capitalise on what we have already have in place here in Northern Ireland," said Jenkins. "With strong government support, close collaboration between big companies and start-ups and a world class workforce, Northern Ireland has the potential to become the best place in the world to start and build a Fintech company.”

Jenkins is one of several fintech envoys appointed by the UK government including David Ferguson, CEO of Nucleus Financial, and Louise Smith, Head of Intelligent Automation at RBS (both envoys for Scotland); David Duffy, CEO of CYBG (envoy for England); Chris Sier, Chairman of Fintech North (envoy for the Northern Powerhouse) and Richard Theo, CEO of Wealthify (envoy for Wales).

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Lu Zurawski
Lu Zurawski - Lu Zurawski - London 07 October, 2019, 17:09Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I'm not sure how much time the poor guy will have spare - surely with his background in connected car data analytics, he'll be busy with the borderless border needed for Boris' Brexit.