Link sets up ATM delivery fund

Link sets up ATM delivery fund

UK ATM network Link has set up a £1 million fund from which cash-starved communities can draw in order to install a free cash machine.

Consumers can tap he Community Access to Cash Delivery Fund through their MP, local council, or directly from Link, assuming the community meets the qualifying criteria, which includes distance to nearest free ATM, availability of a Post Office, site security and a suitable location.

The move comes amid widespread concern about the removal of fee-free cash machines and bank branches in small communities.

Earlier this week UK Finance presented a report on access to cash which found that there was no silver bullet to protect consumers living in so-called 'cash deserts'.

It believes that solutions to the access to cash challenge will be found through collaboration beyond the banking and finance industry.

"The challenges and opportunities faced in securing appropriate access to cash and payment services for consumers are shared by the whole of society," stated the industry body. "UK Finance is therefore calling for partners across industries, including telecommunications and ‘Big-Tech’ companies, retailers and payment innovators, to engage on the solutions in the above areas."

Link has announced five new pilot sites in Battle, Bungay, Nuneaton, Tywyn in Wales, and Durness in Scotland, where a new ATM would be directly commissioned. These new ATMs will be funded by a levy on Link’s bank and building society members. More sites that will get a free ATM have already been identified and are Deal, Ebbw Vale, Margate, Middleton, Wilmslow and York.

John Howells, Link CEO says: “This is an important development which will allow communities to directly contact Link and get things done to help consumers. Link is looking forward to getting the first requests for ATMs so we can help solve access to cash issues across the whole UK.”

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Craig Lawrance
Craig Lawrance - Starkspur Ltd - Chalfonts 02 October, 2019, 09:521 like 1 like

OK £1m. How many ATMs do you get for £1m?  So this scheme imposes addtional costs on the banks.  I'd suggest the banks are getting pretty fed up with the increasing assault on their business from regulators and their like.

A Finextra member
A Finextra member 02 October, 2019, 10:251 like 1 like

A quick search on and it seems all of these locations have a Post Office. I can think of many ways £1m could benefit these communities much better than filling the pockets of an IAD.

Ron Delnevo
Ron Delnevo - UK Cash Supply Alliance - Leatherhead 03 October, 2019, 02:231 like 1 like Novelty schemes like this, whilst nice for the 40 or 50 UK sites that may qualify, do nothing to solve the issue of the loss of thousands of free-to-use ATMs throughout the UK. More ATMs are being lost every day. The figures show that the remaining ATMs in the UK are as busy as they have ever been in terms of the amount of cash withdrawn by the public. There is no justification for a single additional ATM to be removed. In reality, every community with 1000 adults needs at least one local, convenient to access, free-to-use ATM. This means that the UK needs between 55000 and 60000 free ATMs, yet there are now under 48000. To get back to the required number of ATMs, LINK needs to return to a transparent funding scheme for ALL remaining ATMs, rather than focusing on 40 or 50 sites of special interest. It is the 45 million plus adults in the UK who continue to want to use cash who deserve LINKs full attention.