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SocGen introduces 'Hedge to Pledge'

SocGen introduces 'Hedge to Pledge'

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) is offering clients the option to round up their foreign exchange transactions on electronic market platforms and give the difference to good causes.

The 'Hedge to Pledge' project relies on a digital application built by SG CIB that collects post-transaction information of client foreign exchange deals and the calculated rounded amount.

Each client will be able to see the amounts derived from the round-up and choose an organisation to donate to from a portfolio belonging to non-profit Epic. SocGen is also pledging to match clients.

Antoine Jacquemin, SB CIB, says: "With 'Hedge to Pledge', a unique and unprecedented initiative in the B-to-B market activities, we are offering to our clients executing on a daily basis foreign exchanges transaction the unique opportunity to support, with us, social organisations with very strong impact."

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