Starling opens online banking option for business customers

Starling opens online banking option for business customers

Starling Bank is moving beyond the mobile to add an online banking option for its 66,000 business and sole trader account customers.

Online banking was a key feature promised by the app-based bank earlier this year when it was awarded a £100m grant from the Capabilities and Innovation Fund, designed to increase competition and innovation in business banking.

Web access was also high on the list of requested features from Starling’s business customers. Christina Hsieh, a Starling customer and founder of structural engineering company CH Simple Design, says: “I love the fact that I can do my business banking on the go. But when I’m not out and about, I want to do my business banking in a different way and now I have that option. It feels more complete."

Initially available to business and sole trader customers, the online option will be extended to personal and joint account holders at a later date, says Starling Bank founder and CEO Anne Boden.

“Many small business owners told us they wanted to be able to bank online as well as on their mobiles, as their businesses grow and become more complex," she says. “By making accounts accessible on laptops and desktops, we’re giving our customers even more flexibility to bank the way that best suits them.”

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A Finextra member
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What a shame that they don't pay any interest at all on credit balances. If they did, I'd seriously consider moving otherwise there's little benefit.