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DWS releases data streaming code to GitHub

DWS releases data streaming code to GitHub

The code that powers Deutsche Bank's DWS mobile investment app is being released to the open source community on GitHub.

The asset management arm of the giant German bank is following in the footsteps of its parent by relasing the DWS code - which addresses the problem of slow data loading on screens in web and mobile applications - to GitHub.

Code-named 'Muster', the library acts as a universal data layer for applications and services. Within DWS, the code is used by external and internal web, iOS and Android apps, such as the DWS Investment app, launched this year.

By open sourcing the code, DWS expects developers will suggest improvements, contribute new features and find innovative new uses for the software.

Adam Iley, head of development & emerging technology at DWS, says: “Muster has been a huge boon for our web and native applications. I’m excited to see what the community will do with it.”

DWS parent Deutsche Bank has dumped swathes of code on GitHub over the past two years, including 'Waltz', which helps firms gather information about their IT estate from multiple sources across the organisation, and 'Plexus Interop' - from its electronic trading platform Autobahn.

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