SingTel unveils cross-border mobile payments system

SingTel unveils cross-border mobile payments system

SingTel has launched a cross-border QR code-based mobile payments service that lets people use their phones for purchases in its home market of Singapore and Thailand.

Telco SingTel has teamed up with its regional associate AIS and Thailand's Kasikornbank on the service, called VIA, making it easier for customers to make mobile payments while traveling.

QR code-based mobile payments can now be made through the Singtel Dash, AIS Global Pay and Rabbit Line Pay digital wallets across both Singapore and Thailand.

Payments can be made at all merchants displaying the VIA brand and over 1.6 million Kasikornbank merchants displaying the Thai QR code.

SingTel claims that its VIA alliance is the first of its kind to connect both telco and non-telco mobile wallets across borders to create a region-wide payment network.

The firm is now planning to extend the network to new countries, teaming up with Airtel in India, Globe in the Philippines, Telkomsel in Indonesia.

Arthur Lang, CEO, international group, Singtel, says: "The VIA alliance is aimed at unifying Asia’s fragmented payments scene by connecting different mobile wallet systems across the region.

"As more people travel around the region, we want them to be able to enjoy the ease and familiarity of using their local mobile wallets abroad."

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