BNL Multiservizi banks on Computer Associates helpdesk technology

BNL Multiservizi banks on Computer Associates helpdesk technology

BNL Multiservizi, IT service provider for Italian banking group BNL, has implemented a Web-based self-service helpdesk based on Jasmine Portal - Computer Associate's interactive workspace interface.

Following the recent reorganisation of BNL and its IT area, BNL's customer service department found itself supporting over 17,000 users and more than 20,000 devices including client PCs, servers, printers and ATM machines.

"Previously, customers had to rely on phone and fax communications with our help desk operators to get answers to their questions...It was obvious that we needed a faster, easier way to get customers the information that they needed, and that the ideal solution would revolve around the Web," says Cristian Mauri, assistance systems, BNL Multiservizi.

The new Web-based support system enables BNL Multiservizi customers to quickly solve technical issues, access account information and find answers to questions without the need for human intervention 24 hours a day, says Mauri.

CA's Jasmine Portal was selected as the foundational technology for the system because it enabled BNL to quickly tap into a wide range of key data sources across the organisation. In addition, says Mauri, the interface allowed BNL Multiservizi clients to use the system immediately without any training, and to easily customise interfaces to match their requirements and preferences.

Users can personalise their workspace by dragging-and-dropping content to specify the information most relevant and valuable to their needs. The new system also allows users to monitor the progress of their help desk requests through an automated trouble-ticket system.

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