Look #nofilter: Deutsche Bank opens Instagram account

Look #nofilter: Deutsche Bank opens Instagram account

Deutsche Bank is extending the reach of its social media presence to Instagram, opening a channel to "visually convey a different side" to the company's activities.

Instagram already has an impressive 700 million users, around half of whom are active on the image sharing channel on a daily basis, and corporates the world over are clamouring to get on board.

Sporting goods manufacturers such as Nike and image-focused media like National Geographic were among the first companies to have an Instagram presence. It has been a different story for banks, whose products and services are notoriously difficult to convey - particularly in picture form.

The German bank says it will use the channel to portray staff from around the world doing a wide variety of jobs," showing the differences and similarities between the everyday routines of employees at a major global corporate".

States the bank: "We want to get closer to situations and people, provide a look behind the scenes and communicate authentically - with #nofilter."

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