Charitable giving goes mobile at NHS Trust

Charitable giving goes mobile at NHS Trust

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is rolling out wheelchairs, ‘smart’ posters, ID cards, and vinyl stickers that allow visitors to donate with a simple tap of a smartphone.

The posters will be appearing in waiting areas and key departments around the hospital, and vinyl stickers are being applied to the charity-funded portering chairs used by patients and their families.

Using images of staff members, the smart posters illustrate examples of charitable spending whilst at the same time offering a method of giving via a mobile-ready donation tool provided by UK tech firm Thyngs.

The Thyngs smart stickers caputre mobile donations in just three taps and assign Gift Aid declarations in the process. Different donation pages are used for each area, and the content can be updated remotely at any time. In addition, each poster, ID badge, and wheelchair is automatically tracked, so the charity can see which formats, departments, locations, and wording elicit the best response.

Neil Garner, CEO of Thyngs, says: “There are significant opportunities for NHS Trusts to drive patient and visitor engagement, feedback, and - as in this case, charitable donations - via mobile interaction. We look forward to helping many more trusts around the country implement similar campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.”

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Abimbola Oloyede
Abimbola Oloyede - UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA - Lagos 10 October, 2017, 06:431 like 1 like

Brilliant idea!!! This will be fraud free,easy way to donate and less stressful.

I am very assionate about giving and i must say going techy with it makes it a way to go.