RBC customers can now ask Siri to pay their bills

RBC customers can now ask Siri to pay their bills

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has revamped its app, enabling customers to ask Apple's Siri assistant to pay their bills on iPhone and iPad.

Once a user gives the voice command, Siri confirms the name from their payee list and the RBC app automatically debits the account and sends the payment, which is protected by TouchID.

Another new feature lets customers send Interac payments within Apple's iMessage. Users type the amount of money they want to send to their contact in the iMessage window and authenticate the transfer using TouchID.

RBC already lets customers use Siri to send Interac money transfers to friends and says the latest features are the fruits of its innovation labs work, with more to come.

"We’re one of the leading voices on artificial intelligence in Canada, and our integration of Siri into bill payments and P2P transfers are an example of how our clients are already benefitting from these advancements in AI," says Sean Amato-Gauci, EVP, cards, payments and banking, RBC.

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