BNP Paribas jumps into virtual reality

BNP Paribas jumps into virtual reality

BNP Paribas is the latest financial services firm to dabble in virtual reality, unveiling a VR-based app for retail banking customers and a 'teleportation' capsule for home buyers.

The mobile app lets French retail banking customers go through their transaction records as well as the steps involved in a real estate purchase.

Meanwhile, the 'teleportation' capsule is a physical pod that home buyers can visit to get a 3D, 360 degrees view of buildings that are still under construction.

Bertrand Cizeau, head, group communications, BNP Paribas, says: “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools will gradually become part of our customers’ daily lives, providing new kinds of interfaces between our various publics and our services."

Another experiment sees a "fun" VR experience designed to promote mobile phone insurance, while BNP has also tapped VR for its latest corporate film.

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