Red-faced Carney joshes with e-mail prankster

Red-faced Carney joshes with e-mail prankster

Bank of England governor Mark Carney is the latest top banker to have fallen victim to an e-mail prankster, joking with the culprit about the drinking habits of former governor Eddie George.

Operating under the Twitter handle @sinon_reborn, the man who caught out Barclays CEO Jes Staley with a hoax e-mail purportedly from chairman John McFarlane, tweeted this morning of another coup.

The victim this time round was Bank of England boss Mark Carney, who was duped into a conversation when he received a bogus e-mail purporting to be from Anthony Habgood, the chairman of the Court of the Bank of England.

As with Staley, the anonymous hoaxer had set up a fake e-mail account, and added a 'Sent from my iPhone' footer to avoid corporate boiler plating of official e-mail accounts.

The full text of the exchange was then posted on Twitter.
The entrapment is likely to cause red faces at the Bank of England, which oversees the cyber-security practices of UK financial institutions.

Barclays has already moved to amend its e-mail security after Staley was lured into a passionate exchange of views with a fake gmail account bearing the chairman's handle.

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