RBS gives AI a helping hand with 'hybrid bots'

RBS gives AI a helping hand with 'hybrid bots'

The Royal Bank of Scotland is rolling out a customer service "hybrid bot" from vendor LivePerson that hands over to a human colleague if questions flummox its artificial intelligence.

Not a cyborg, the RBS Assist hybrid bot is a tool that customers can message with everyday queries. The bot uses cloud-based AI developed by LivePerson alongside self-service software from Nanorep to intelligently answer or "surface" answers to frequently asked questions.

But unlike most bots, it is integrated with other customer service channels, handing off conversations, back and forth, with human agents. The AI handles routine, administrative tasks, while people take on the more complex, meaningful interactions.

The technology, which started live testing in January, includes natural language processing techniques with machine learning algorithms, enabling RBS to analyse every single line of text that its customers enter during a conversation.

Bot conversations will be rated in real time as positive, negative or neutral, which will help RBS determine when human intervention or support is needed.

Katie Ayaz, head, digital services, RBS, says: says, "We're pleased to be a leader in deploying AI and messaging technologies to serve our customers consistently and with high quality. Intelligent customer engagement using LivePerson technology has already helped us to reduce operational costs and drive higher net promoter scores."

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