Robo-advisor 'Chloe' launches in Japan

Robo-advisor 'Chloe' launches in Japan

Hong Kong-based social trading startup 8 Securities has launched a mobile-only robo-adisory service targeting the millennial generation that constructs portfolios with exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Available on iOS and Android, Chloe first asks users to complete a short survey to determine risk tolerance and set financial aspirations. It then invests every Yen despoited into the fund across as many as 50 countries, 37 industries and 4,324 stocks and bonds using TSE-listed exchange traded funds.

Chloe monitors the investment on a daily basis and uses machine learning techniques to better predict customers' goals and how much they need to save.

8 Securities CEO and Co-founder, Mikaal Abdulla states: "Millennials in Japan want simple, mobile and low-cost solutions for their saving and investment needs. They need an easy and affordable entry point to navigate the world of investment. They just don't teach these concepts in school."

Customers can start investing with as little as JPY 10,000. The service is free until July 2017 and then levies a charge of 0.88% of the portfolio size thereafter.

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