Mobile bank Bunq implements handprint bio-capture

Mobile bank Bunq implements handprint bio-capture

Dutch mobile-only bank bunq is securing customer log-in with a biometric form factor that requires customers to present four fingerprints to access their data.

Bunq's banking app is using VeridiumID and its hand recognition software, 4 Fingers TouchlessID to authenticate users.

Rather than flatbed fingerprint reading, the technology calls for the optical capture of fingerprints using the rear camera and flash of a mobile device. The technology can be applied to any modern smartphone with at least a five megapixel camera and flash, not just those with fingerprint sensors. Veridium claims a False Acceptance Rate of 0.1%, and a False Rejection Rate of 3.24% for the technique

By capturing all four fingerprints at once, 4 Fingers has a higher level of precision and reliability for authentication than other biometrics such as face, voice or a single fingerprint, says Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq.

"Our commitment to giving people control over their money again requires the latest technology and biometric authentication solutions," he says. "With 4 Fingers we guarantee an easy-to-use and safe banking experience in which users have access to real-time data."

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