Angler phishers reel in bank customers on Twitter

Angler phishers reel in bank customers on Twitter

Security researchers are warning about an uptick in the number of so-called angler phishers who are luring in UK bank customers with fake customer support accounts on Twitter.

Named after the anglerfish, which uses a glowing lure to bait and eat smaller fish, angler phishers create fake customer service accounts with handles similar to those of real banks.

The crooks then wait for customers to reach out to a real customer support account with a help request, hijacking the conversation by responding with a bogus link that sends the victim to a fake bank login page where they are asked to enter their login details.

The scam is not new. Last year phishers took advantage of technical outages at NatWest and Commonwealth Bank of Australia to reel in angry customers venting their anger on Twitter.

But, using the example of a now closed fake account called @BarclaysHelpUK, which tried to trick customers wanting to talk to the real @BarclaysUKHelp, security outfit proofpoint is warning about a new wave of attacks.

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