BBVA creates user-experience centre in Dallas

BBVA creates user-experience centre in Dallas

BBVA is creating an innovation hub in Dallas and stocking it with 60 experts in data analytics, software engineering, and user experience and design, to co-ordinate the bank's global approach to improved customer interactions across all channels.

The employees at the BBVA Creation Center bring experience in digital, online and emerging technologies, and will work with local teams across the dozens of countries in BBVA’s global footprint.

“The team at the BBVA Creation Center is going to take what we do and look at it through the most important prism: our customers’ experience,” says BBVA head of global customer solutions Derek White. “They’re going to be asking how to make our customers’ interactions with us easier, how to dismantle any technological roadblocks so clients have a smoother ride to their goals. And then they’re going to execute that vision and create amazing.”

Financial services firms the world over need to improve their user experiences, but the need is pronounced in the US banking industry, says White, with technologies such as real-time platforms and EMV chip cards debuting here relatively recently.

“We’re going to have a lot of dreamers and doers in Dallas,” says White. “The goal is to create the best end-to-end user experience across every channel that boasts the BBVA blue.”

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