Barclays retools business banking for the digital age

Barclays retools business banking for the digital age

The UK's Barclays Bank has released a purpose-built online banking hub that provides corporate customers with a single gateway to all of the bank's business services.

A brand new product, built from the ground up using agile delivery methodology rather than retooling or overlaying existing ones, Barclays iPortal provides an immediate snapshot of bank accounts and products and enables users to authorise payments, manage cash, trade services and loan facilities from a single log-in.

The roll-out of the new dashboard-style service is complemented by the shipment of a biometric reader which uses Hitachi’s Finger Vein Authentication Technology, eliminating the need to remember PINs and passwords.

Michael Mueller, head of cash management at Barclays comments: “Corporate banking solutions that bridge existing products produce disparate, complex and outdated systems that require multiple logins on a variety of platforms, making banking a time-consuming and disjointed process. With iPortal, we are changing all that.”

The portal provides users with consolidated ‘to do’ lists, and real time alerts and notifications where actions are required as well as an overview of group balances, across different business divisions and activities in multiple countries.

Available on tablet and mobile devices as well as corporate desktops, iPortal will also act as a market intelligence tool, providing users with the latest market research and insights specific to their business and industry.

Says Mueller. “The development of iPortal is another major step towards our vision of the future of corporate banking; simplifying and personalising the experience to enable decision makers to spend more time focusing on the business of doing business.”

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