US mobile cheque deposit takeup stutters

US mobile cheque deposit takeup stutters

Despite the prevalence of cheques in the US, the vast majority of people still do not deposit them using their mobile phones, research from the American Bankers Association shows.

Just one in seven of 1000 people polled by the ABA say that they have deposited a cheque in the last year by taking a picture of it with their mobile device, up slightly from one in eight the previous year.

Meanwhile, the number of people using remote deposit capture technology at least once a month fell from 80% to 56%, although the ABA's Nessa Feddis claims that this might be down to a decrease in the use of cheques as direct debits become more popular.

"People are receiving checks less frequently, but when they do they’re increasingly turning to mobile banking to deposit them," says Feddis.

The figures contrast recent research from analyst house Celent, which predicted that RDC will account for a third of retail bank deposits by year-end 2015 and half by 2016, accelerating the decline of bank branches.

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