Wells Fargo launches credit score advice sites

Wells Fargo launches credit score advice sites

US bank Wells Fargo has built a set of interactive websites designed to help users build and improve their credit.

According to a Wells Fargo-sponsored survey of around 3000 people, more than three quarters of Americans want to learn more about money management, and 53% specifically want to get clued up on credit.

The bank is introducing a series of sites, The Path to Good Credit, in English and Spanish that use quizzes, videos, tips, and infographics to illustrate how good credit can help users succeed financially.

The survey results suggest that the new sites could prove popular: three quarters of respondents think that having a good credit score is important, yet more than a third grade their understanding of how the system works as average, below average or poor, and 40% feel more knowledge would increase their confidence in decision making.

Gary Korotzer, EVP, consumer credit solutions group, Wells Fargo, says: "Understanding how to manage credit is an important ingredient in economic self-sufficiency and success. We want to provide our customers with an informative and engaging experience that can help them chart a path to better credit."

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