Yule log on to online banking

Yule log on to online banking

According to Halifax, 12% of active online banking customers found time to log on to their bank account on Christmas Day 2014, a 37% increase on the previous year

There was also a significant increase in customers signing in using a mobile device. Of the customers who logged on on Christmas Day 9% were on a tablet, 62% were through mobile banking, and 22% via a desktop demonstrating the shift in customer behaviour to mobile digital banking.

Those customers that did log on appeared to be counting the cost of Christmas already, with many looking to manage their finances as early as possible. 61,560 customers took the opportunity to make a payment on Christmas Day, while 46,617 transferred funds to another account. Additionally, 215 of customers logging on applied for an overdraft, while 105 were looking to take out a credit card.

Anita Hockin, head of digital for Halifax, says: "It seems a growing proportion of the population are now wasting little time in sorting the bills from the festive period and ensuring that they manage their finances throughout the holiday.

“The increased popularity of online banking is helping to facilitate a more proactive attitude to money management, meaning that banking is becoming truly 24 hours 365 days a year for many.”

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