TMG builds pay-with-Dwolla Google Glass app

TMG builds pay-with-Dwolla Google Glass app

A payments processing firm has built an app that lets people pay at Dwolla merchants with a swipe of their Google Glass.

Built by the innovation lab team at The Members Group (TMG), the See2Pay app uses Google Glass's geolocation technology to notify wearers about nearby merchants that accept Dwolla. Then, the customer can make a payment by swiping the touch pad on the Glass frame.

The app doesn't run on the glass itself, it is a web service that has been built with the Google Mirror API, and runs on the Google App Engine platform. TMG has also put the code on GitHub for other developers to play with.

Ryan Anderson, VP, product, TMG, says: "The experiences that come from this wearable app will give TMG and its clients priceless insight into the behaviours and preferences of the evolving digital consumer."

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A Finextra member
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Not as cool as Three 6 Mafia's approach ("Shake my ass")...