Thief tries to blow up ATM, sets himself on fire

Thief tries to blow up ATM, sets himself on fire

A bungling Aussie crook who tried to break into an ATM by dousing it in petrol and applying a flame got more than he bargained for when the machine exploded, setting him on fire.

Police say that three men - believed to be part of a motorcycle gang - set about the ATM in Coomera, on the Gold Coast, in the early hours last Friday. CCTV footage shows them shooting flammable gas into the machine before pouring petrol over it and setting it alight.

However, one of the men appears to have been standing in some of the petrol and was engulfed in flames. Footage shows him running away, slapping at his burning clothing.

Says Inspector Mark Procter, from Gold Coast police: "It was a bit clumsy I guess you could say."

Police believe that another of the crooks also suffered burns. They made off in a stolen vehicle - without any money from the ATM.

A man has since been arrested and charged with arson, wilful damage by fire, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle with a circumstance of aggravation and attempted stealing.

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