Banco Supervielle debuts fingerprint sensors for pension claimants

Banco Supervielle debuts fingerprint sensors for pension claimants

Argentina's Banco Supervielle is rolling out fingerprint sensors across its branch network in a bid to stop relatives claiming the benefits of deceased customers.

The biometric authentication kit - which uses multispectral technology from Albuquerque-based Lumidigm's - is currently being installed in 77 bank branches throughout the country.

In the first phase of the project, Banco Supervielle is enrolling one million retirees with Lumidigm's V-Series readers. A second phase is being considered that would extend biometric authentication to all of the bank's customers for other sensitive banking services.

"We are enrolling 7,900 retirees per day and plan to have 800,000 enrolled by the end of this year," says Claudio Ercolessi, CIO of Banco Supervielle.

The bank's investment in biometric kiosks has already resulted in considerable savings due to fraud reduction, he says. In addition, 170 human cashiers are being retrained as commercial advisors as the burdensome process of reviewing documentary proof-of-life is removed from the branch.

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