Chirpify lets users pay with Facebook comments

Chirpify lets users pay with Facebook comments

Chirpify has brought its in-stream commerce system to Facebook, enabling users to transfer money to each other by commenting on news feeds.

Having already enabled payments through Twitter and Instagram, the start-up has turned its attention to Facebook; helping businesses, non-profits and consumers buy, sell, donate and raise funds directly in the news feed, turning comments into immediate in-stream transactions.

People and firms that want to sell or fund-raise, create a listing in a Chirpify dashboard by entering information like the item, dollar amount, digital or physical, and shipping time and price. Once its set live, the post will show up and work in both a consumer's and brand page's news feed.

Consumer members of Chirpify can then buy, donate or enter a giveaway by commenting to a listing with "buy," "donate" or "gimme." When they do, Chirpify will make a payment happen automatically, and send a secure download or receipt via e-mail.

Adidas, sports teams the Portland Trailblazers and Portland Timbers, bands Owl City and Neon Trees, and record label Victory Records are all on board for the launch.

Chris Teso, CEO, Chirpify, says: "By expanding Chirpify to the top three major social media sites, we've created the only social commerce platform that enables businesses to list and distribute products to each social media platform, and consumers to purchase in-stream on each without ever leaving."

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