Societe Generale extends Raft dealer directory contract

Societe Generale extends Raft dealer directory contract

UK component-based financial software company, Raft International, has won a contract to develop phases two and three of Société Générale's online dealer directory,

Building on its experience with phase one, Raft has been recommissioned by Société Générale to define and implement the objectives for the development and future enhancement of This will include the delivery of tailored information to Reddbook subscribers and an increase in its market scope. provides a search engine and communications tool for the global trading community. The Web site currently has 618 subscribers who can search for information by bank, country or dealer. The online desk diary, built and implemented by Raft International, allows users to keep abreast of economic release dates, public and statutory holidays, as well as the users personal appointments.

Raft's proposed improvements to the Internet dealer's directory include:
* advanced search functionality, which includes searching by time zone, location, market, institution, or by a combined use of multiple search features;
* secure online registration and credit card payments for new and existing customers;
* extended diary features which are tailored to a users specific time zone as well as their market;
* instant messaging and online chat forums to allow users to communicate directly with a specific person or persons, as well as enabling users to gain access to live prices and frequent directory updates; and
* an interactive trading game.

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