NAB asks 'want an ATM in your loungeroom?'

NAB asks 'want an ATM in your loungeroom?'

In its latest social media marketing wheeze, National Australia Bank (NAB) is offering someone the chance to have an ATM installed in their lounge.

The bank took to Twitter today, asking: "Want an ATM in your loungeroom? (Yes, we're serious!)" and linking to a form on its Web site inviting Australians to apply for the unusual prize.

NAB hints that there will be further stages to the contest - the winner of which will also get an NAB Classic Banking Account loaded with A$1000, an iPad 2 and iPhone 4 - telling people it will be "in touch with what's next".

The person picked will also get a shot at Internet fame, becoming part of the bank's marketing campaign, having their "ATM exploits" filmed and transmitted online.

The lounge ATM is the latest in a series of social media-heavy marketing ploys employed by NAB in recent months. In February it launched a 'break up' campaign, building a micro-site and using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to launch an extraordinary attack on its rivals over home-loan interest rates.

The operation proved a big hit for the bank which claims it saw a one per cent increase in its share of the mortgage business as a result.

This has recently been followed by an "honesty experiment" campaign designed to promote its credit cards. A series of videos have been posted on YouTube of actors testing Australians' honesty by giving them incorrect change and dropping cash in the street.

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