McDonald's and 7-Eleven go contactless in Australia

McDonald's and 7-Eleven go contactless in Australia

Contactless cards acceptance in Australia has been boosted by news that Visa and MasterCard have both signed major retailers to the technology.

Visa has inked a deal with McDonald's that will see its payWave cards accepted in 816 outlets across Australia, enabling customers to make purchases of under A$100 by tapping their plastic against specially equipped terminals.

Henry Shiner, CIO, McDonald's Australia, says: "This is just one more efficiency that we have introduced to improve the customer experience. With Visa payWave, customers will see speedier transactions and they can pick up their food with just a wave of their card."

Meanwhile, according to local press reports, 7-Eleven is set to let customers at its 400 stores make payments with the rival MasterCard PayPass contactless cards.

Acceptance of the technology is gathering momentum in Australia. Commonwealth Bank recently claimed it will have more than 20,000 contactless payments readers in stores by the end of the year - for use with four million issued cards - after signing up another two major retailers.

The bank offers customers MasterCard PayPass cards while National Australia Bank and ANZ have both opted for agreements with Visa.

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Brett King
Brett King - Moven - New York 08 November, 2010, 22:42Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

You know when the Golden Arches implements new payments technology it is no longer 'next-generation' it is just mainstream...