XSP launches corporate actions mobile app

XSP launches corporate actions mobile app

XSP has launched a mobile application for corporate actions processing, enabling users to access notifications on the move and process responses and elections.

The app, which will be unveiled at the Sibos conference in Amsterdam, taps the customisable user interface technology behind the XSP Go! product, meaning components can be arranged based on each user's preference.

Dan Retzer, CTO, XSP, says: "Technology evolves at a rapid pace and the rising mass adoption of increasingly powerful mobile devices drives the growing demand for intuitive, mobile applications. The XSP Go! mobile app is designed to be personalised by the user, displaying corporate actions data that is pertinent to his or her unique workflow."

The corporate actions business is set to receive a boost at Sibos following recent agreements between Swift, the DTCC and XBRL US on a common taxaonomy for machine-readable data processing. Last month, Citi announced that it is to pilot the new standards in a bid to streamline the paper-prone back office backwater.

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