UK consumers favour mobile banking, says survey

UK consumers favour mobile banking, says survey

Almost two thirds of UK personal digital assistant (PDA) users would like wireless access to their online bank account, according to a new survey by mobile software house AvantGo.

Over 5,000 UK subscribers of the AvantGo mobile Internet service were surveyed about how they currently use their PDA and the capabilities they would like to see added in the future.

While 64% want to manage their online bank account using their PDA, 48% of respondents would also like to access internal directories, customer details, positioning papers and other data held on their company network.

In addition, the survey indicates that the banking and financial services industry is quick to embrace new technologies with 15% of AvantGo PDA users working within it - second only to the IT industry with 27% and ahead of other sectors including the media with 5%.

Mark Loader, head of financial services business development at AvantGo, comments: "This survey clearly demonstrates that despite the disappointments experienced with WAP, there is still high demand for mobile services, so long as they are delivered to ‘smart’ devices, which don’t need to rely 100 per cent on continuous wireless connections."

Financial organisations such as UBS Warburg, Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia, Bloomberg and comdirect are currently using the AvantGo M-Business Server to deploy mobile customer relationship management solutions in Europe.

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