Norwegian women embrace net banking

Norwegian women embrace net banking

Norwegian women are catching their male compatriots up fast in the Internet banking stakes, according to figures from EDB Business Partners.

The vendor - which bases its statistics on the traffic it handles - says that 75% of all Norwegian Internet bankers were men in 2000 but by 2009 this had slid to just 56%.

Håkon Kvarme, head, banking channels, EDB, says: "This is a clear sign that Norwegian women have become more financially aware over recent years, and the traditional gender roles for the management of family and personal finances are changing quickly."

There has also been a significant change in the average age of net bankers over the decade, up from 30 in 2000 to 42 last year.

These changes are largely down to the fact that nearly everyone in Norway now has an Internet banking account - 4.7 million, a 6.1% rise on 2008. Over the same period, the number of invoices paid through Internet banking grew by 4.9%.

Monday is on average the busiest day for Internet banking, with the most popular times between 10:00 and 11:00 and 21:00 and 22:00.

Meanwhile cash withdrawals from ATMs were down two per cent on 2008, with the average Norwegian making 20 transactions a year, while the use of mobile banking grew.

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