SaveDave campaigns spread across the Internet

SaveDave campaigns spread across the Internet

Campaigns to save the job of an Aussie banker caught ogling erotic images on his PC during a live TV broadcast are proliferating on the Internet.

Macquarie private client advisor Dave Kiely was sent home to cool his heels by the bank after the TV footage of his indiscretions circulated like wildfire across the Web.

The video shows Kiely viewing semi-naked images of model Miranda Kerr, before looking around from his desk to see the live TV broadcast in action.

Macquarie has launched an investigation into the incident and is reportedly scrutinising e-mail files to see if Kiely was set up by another staffer.

Local media have reported that Kiely may have been the victim of a practical joke, unwittingly opening a series of e-mails with the final mail ending with the words "turn around now".

His plight has attracted a sympathetic response on the Internet, with more than a dozen facebook groups established to campaign for lenient treatment by the bank. City jobs board Here is the City has also launched a SaveDave page urging readers to e-mail the public relations department of Macquarie Bank with messages of support.

Kiely is due to learn his fate after a meeting with bank executives later this week.


Macquarie has issued a statement saying Kiely will not be sacked. Earlier Kerr offered her support to the banker, offering to sign the petition to save him.

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