E*Trade offers stock pick status updates for facebook friends

E*Trade offers stock pick status updates for facebook friends

Online brokerage E*Trade has launched a widget for facebook participants to share their favourite stock picks with friends on the social networking site.

The application is accessible on the E*Trade facebook page. Users are invited to select their top five stocks with the picks posted on their Facebook wall and shared with friends. Each time a stock pick is updated, a new status update will appear on user facebook profiles for friends to see.

E*Trade's new facebook fan page also offers live Web seminars, commentary and insight from market professionals and a video on the top ten mistakes traders make. The brokerage says the page picked up 17,229 fans within two days of launch.

Nick Utton, CMO of E*Trade Financial, comments: "A fantastic venue for sharing information, with 85 million US users and the fastest growing audience in the 35+ adult population, facebook is a great way for us to engage with our target segment customers and prospects."

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