Mint taps twitter for personal finance news

Mint taps twitter for personal finance news

Intuit-owned Mint has launched "Money Tweets", a service that collects personal finance news and educational content from the Twittersphere and delivers it all in one place for users.

Tapping Twitter search and the microblogging site's recently introduced "lists" feature, Money Tweets includes five broad categories of finance related information.

The "topics" category collects information relating to budgets, saving, investment, loans, and retirement feeds from sources such as Morningstar, the Wall Street Journal and less well known bloggers.

"Tweets about" tracks, in real-time, what people are saying about the site while "tweets from" keeps followers up to date on its news.

A question of the day - based on spending patterns, budgeting tips or other relevant topics - is designed to helps user learn from each other and crowd sources tips and tricks. Finally, Money Tweet tracks and reports on volume and trending patterns to keep followers on top of hot financial topics.

Aaron Patzer, general manager, personal finance group, Intuit, says: ", focuses on making things simple and easy for users - aggregating all account information into a single place, and helping people learn about their money so they can save more and do more with it. Money Tweets is the next step, pulling the value of hundreds of disparate sources into a single place that's easily digested by whoever wants to learn about money."

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