Bank signs notorious conman to advise customers on fraud

Bank signs notorious conman to advise customers on fraud

Nevada State Bank has hired Frank Abagnale - the notorious former conman and author of Catch Me If You Can - to deliver a series of videos on fraud and identity theft for its Web site.

Abagnale became notorious in the 1960s when as a teenager he impersonated an airline pilot, a doctor, a prison inspector and a lawyer, passing millions of dollars worth of forged cheques around the world. His book was made into a Hollywood blockbuster in 2002.

Following his arrest and imprisonment, Abagnale switched sides and began working with the FBI. In addition, over the last 35 years he has advised and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world and claims over 14,000 organisations use his fraud prevention programmes.

The poacher turned gamekeeper has now recorded a series of nine videos on how customers can prevent fraud and identity theft for Nevada State Bank.

The bank says it built a "Fight Fraud" Web site to raise awareness about the severity of the problem and provide an outline of the risks business owners and consumers face and ways to fight them.

The videos include discussions on what causes ID theft and fraud and how big the problem is and practical advice on how to guard against embezzlement and spot counterfeit money.

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