Goldmansachs666 blogger sets sights on JP Morgan

Goldmansachs666 blogger sets sights on JP Morgan

Blogger Mike Morgan, who has been in a legal battle with Goldman Sachs over his fiercely critical Web site, has now set his sights on JPMorgan.

Investment advisor Morgan registered the domain name in March and has been using it in a personal crusade against the bank.

In April lawyers for Goldman sent Morgan a cease-and-desist letter, accusing him of violating intellectual property rights in relation to the domain name and demanding he stop using it.

However, last month the bank capitulated, agreeing to "refrain from any action that interferes with Morgan's use and registration of the Internet Sites" as long as he continues to display a disclaimer and the sites are not used for commercial purposes.

Morgan says he has been asked to start similar Web sites about "the other Banksters" and has now responded with the launch of

"I don't want folks to think it is just Goldman Sachs. It is actually a Congress that is fully owned by the Banksters, and the Banksters include JPMorgan, Bank of American, Citigroup, AIG, etc," says the blogger.

The JPMorgan site carries a similar disclaimer to the Goldman one, warning: "This website has NOT been approved by JP Morgan. This website was designed to provide information about JP Morgan to demonstrate how destructive this company is to our lives and the hopes and dreams of our children."

After his battle with Goldman, Morgan had said he would step back from the site in the wake of a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery at the end of May. Yet, despite enlisting other bloggers for both sites, he is still regularly posting.

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