Swift taps Quantum4D visualisation software

Swift taps Quantum4D visualisation software

Financial messaging network Swift has deployed visualisation software from Quantum4D to help improve its ability to analyse and model the community's network.

The holographic analytics platform offers access to an interconnected universe of dynamic 3D workspaces containing visual representations of the Swift network by region, country and BIC levels.

Quantum4D says this enables Swift to see and explore data more effectively, illuminating trends, patterns and anomalies, providing faster access to deeper insights on its network and its behaviour.

Laurent Desnouck, Swift, says: "The complexity and volume of our data - without even factoring in external economic and market factors - simply overwhelms and defies expression in page based frameworks like charts and spreadsheets. We needed to look towards the future and think about innovative ways to access our information that went beyond today's standard offerings."

Gottfried Leibberant, head, markets, Swift, adds: "We are seeing how the combination of a new visual interface paradigm with traditional statistical approaches amplifies our ability to rapidly access the structure and dynamics in our network."

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