Nationwide ATM hands out 'free' cash

Nationwide ATM hands out 'free' cash

Hundreds of people flocked to a Nationwide Building Society cash machine in Manchester yesterday after it started dispensing twice the amount of money requested.

Queues quickly formed at the machine at a BP garage in Stretford as word spread that it was issuing £60 for every £30 withdrawn.

The fault is thought to have begun at around 11am and lasted for over six hours. During this time, customers used multiple cards to make withdrawals and phoned friends to inform them of the 'giveaway'.

An unnamed man who made a withdrawal, told the Manchester Evening News: "The banks have had enough off us so it's good to get a little back."

A Nationwide spokeswoman says the fault is believed to be the result of a third party firm incorrectly loading the machine. The ATM is expected to be back in service by the weekend

The company says it is investigating the transactions that took place and reserves the right to contact people about the matter.

Bank's free cash blunder - Manchester Evening News

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