Jeffco CU implements PhoneFactor authentication system

Jeffco CU implements PhoneFactor authentication system

Colorado-based Jeffco Credit Union is using phone-based authentication technology from Positive Networks to protect its online customers from phishing scams.

The credit union selected Positive Networks' PhoneFactor system after being forced to temporarily shut down its online banking site following a phishing attack.

The system means that when a member logs in with a username and password, their home or mobile phone rings and they are prompted to press the hash key or enter a PIN. If they do not validate the login, access is denied and the credit union is alerted.

The vendor says its technology does not require new software or hardware and any hacker would need to know the member's log in details and have physical possession of their phone in order to gain access to the account.

"It is our responsibility to continually monitor and implement additional safeguards to protect our members' information," says Tom Theune, president and CEO, Jeffco. "PhoneFactor was the best solution for our needs. It is fast, easy to deploy, and is unobtrusive to our members."

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