Wasabi goes contactless

Wasabi goes contactless

Sushi restaurant chain Wasabi has rolled out contactless payments technology from Commidea across all its sites in the UK.

Following a four week pilot at restaurants in Canary Wharf and Oxford Street in London, Wasabi - which previously only accepted cash payments - has deployed the technology through its entire estate.

Commidea's 'Ocius for PCs' terminals, which incorporate external card reader with a large LCD screen to display transaction messages to consumers, are being used for the project.

Customers can pay for transactions under £10 by waving their contactless cards against the specially equipped terminals.

Commidea says around 7500 people visit Wasabi on Oxford Street each week, with an average spend of £8.00, making the restaurant an ideal place for the technology.

"The feedback from both shop staff and customers has been very positive," says Lester Sharpe, operations manager, Wasabi.

UK payments association Apacs has estimated that over five million contactless cards will have been issued by the end of 2008 and that they will be accepted in at least 100,000 merchants across the country.

But security concerns have been raised over the technology. In February security expert Adam Laurie conducted a demonstration in which he pulled the name, account number and expiration date from an audience member's RFID enabled American Express card - without removing the plastic from the victim's wallet.

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