SE Global network expands into Russia and Latin America

SE Global network expands into Russia and Latin America

Future Technologies, Inc. subsidiary, SE Global Equities Inc., has integrated a second online trading platform with its international financial website. The company has also expanded its alliance broker network into Brazil and Russia.

SE Global's existing trading platform (Intertrade) addresses the specific needs of brokerage firms without an online trading presence or who require a way to receive and process international electronic orders.

The new platform will provide members with access to information in the local language of brokerage firms, grant immediate access to a brokerage firm's existing suite of financial products (such as options, bonds and mutual funds) and access to local research.

Toby Chu, SE Global president and CEO, says: "This new platform is intended to attract an internationally diverse range of users, and to significantly reduce costs associated with integrating new brokers into SE Global's alliance network of brokerage firms."

In two related announcements, the company has added Brazil's Souza Barros and Russia's Aton Capital Group to its alliance network of brokerage firms, broadening its reach into 25 stock exchanges worldwide.

Michael Teryazos, SE Global senior vice-president of business development, says: "Our expansion into the Russian broker community expands our reach into Eastern Europe and brings us closer to our goal of creating a truly global financial community."

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