Reuters implements Vhayu's Velocity platform

Reuters implements Vhayu's Velocity platform

UK news and information group Reuters is using technology from California-based Vhayu to capture, analyse and store multi-asset class real-time market data for its wealth management platform.

Vhauyu says Reuters has implemented its Velocity platform to manage market data for the wealth management service.

Following client demand and dramatic increases in market data volumes, Velocity was chosen for its ability to process data from any asset class, publish configurable intervals of time series data and store more than twenty years worth of historical tick data.

By deploying Velocity, Reuters can phase out a legacy in-house database to effectively scale its operations, decrease data latency and deliver global, real-time cross market data to wealth management professionals, says Vhayu.

"The amount of real-time market data now generated globally across asset classes is staggering and traditional systems cannot properly handle these volumes," says Gerry Campbell, president/global head of search and content technologies, Reuters. "We have worked closely with Vhayu over the past two years via our redistribution partnership and receive continuous positive feedback from our customers who have implemented the Reuters Tick Capture Engine, powered by Vhayu Velocity. This established partnership combined with the fact that Velocity is already so tightly integrated with RMDS was instrumental in our selecting Vhayu for this project."

Jeff Hudson, CEO, Vhayu, says as market data volumes continue to explode, there is significant competitive advantage to be gained by firms that can capture cross market data in real-time and calculate, save and publish custom analytics in one system.

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