MFoundry adds support for Apple's iPhone

MFoundry adds support for Apple's iPhone

California-based mobile technology outfit mFoundry says it has extended its Spotlight financial platform so the system can be used to implement wireless banking applications on Apple's new iPhone.

MFoundry says it began developing an iPhone runtime environment in anticipation of the launch of the phone in the US on 29th June. The iPhone will run applications created with Web 2.0 Internet standards.

Drew Sievers, co-founder and CEO of mFoundry, says: "We are looking forward to the release of the iPhone and realise users will embrace a wide variety of applications including mobile banking and payments."

The company says its Spotlight platform provides all of the components necessary to deliver financial services over mobile handsets. Furthermore, Spotlight is a 'write-once' cross platform so only one code base is necessary to support Java, Brew, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and now iPhones, says mFoundry.

Financial institutions using the Spotlight Platform can create branded applications that run independently within the mobile operator's system. MFoundry says the platform has been designed to accommodate banking, brokerage, credit, stored-value, coupons and payment solutions, among others.

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