Citi adds iTunes music points to Platinum MasterCard

Citi adds iTunes music points to Platinum MasterCard

UK customers that use the Citi Platinum MasterCard to make purchases will now be able to collect iTunes music points that can be redeemed at Apple's online music store.

Citi Platinum MasterCard cardholders earn one iTunes music point for every £1 spent on their card. Points can be redeemed for music downloads, voucher cards or even an iPod Nano.

One music track, costing 79 pence, requires 150 points, says Citi. A single music video costing £1.89 requires 400 points and a £7.99 album requires 1500 points.
In order to buy a £15 iTunes Music Card customers will need to have 3000 points stored up, while a £99 iPod Nano requires a hefty 15,000 points.

The bank says customers need to have accumulated 150 points before they can start to redeem them.

However new customers that make £250 worth of purchases within three months of receiving their Platinum MasterCard will earn 2000 bonus points.

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