Taiwan's Jih Sun live on Temenos T24 Microsoft platform

Taiwan's Jih Sun live on Temenos T24 Microsoft platform

Taiwanese bank Jih Sun has gone live with Temenos T24 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to support some 2.4 million accounts and 1.4 million customers across 49 branches.

Tom Ko, CIO, Jih Sun, says the system enables the bank to reduce the time to market for new products and manage its user accounts through a consolidated customer view.

"A key requirement for us was to lower our total cost of ownership. That Temenos T24 supports the Microsoft platform was completely strategic to our business," he says. "We now have a tailored core banking system that can support huge transaction volumes, and running on our preferred choice of operating system. We've also decided to install treasury and trade finance functionality to replace local systems – furthering consolidating our processes within a single integrated system."

Previously, Jih Sun was operating on a locally developed mainframe system, which required continued and costly customisation to suit its needs. For the T24 installation, the Swiss vendor tailored the package to include local requirements such as typhoon day processing capabilities and also provided user interfaces in Mandarin.

Jih Sun installed T24 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Unisys hardware.

Andreas Andreades, CEO, Temenos, describes the installation as "a milestone deal".

He says: "It is our first client to go live in Taiwan, a significant area of growth."

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